Tattoo Small Tattoos - inspirations and gallery

Small Tattoos - inspirations and gallery

The new fashion of small and beautiful Tattoos

Welcome to the section dedicated to the most popular little tattoos at the moment!

Many of us have always had the desire to get a tattoo, to celebrate a love, the birth of a child, an important event, etc. But many tend to forget it, because they are afraid that one day they will regret it.

The solution for those approaching the world of tattoos for the first time and is a little hesitant, is: a small tattoo, perhaps in a hidden area of ​​one’s body. Surely he will soon be very fond of his new tattoo, which will soon become an inseparable part of our look. The small tattoos, if done then in particular places, often are very elegant and allow us to beautify our body as with a jewel. Generally, given the small size, for this kind of tattoos are chosen very simple figures, often stylized: as sometimes it is really impossible to make drawings rich in detail and size greatly reduced. So the themes can be varied, but certainly the most popular are: small anchors, small hearts, small stars, very often combined with other elements to form sets, which over time become more numerous.

Let’s find out more

The choice of the subject and the place of our body where to make tattoos is very personal! So a good tattoo artist can certainly advise us with seriousness and professionalism what will best suit our needs. Remember, of course, as always to turn to qualified personnel working in the maximum hygiene, because, although small, it is still a tattoo! If chosen well the subject and the place in which to place it, it will be a trendy and very elegant accessory, which will make the person even more unique.

Where to tattoo tattoos small beautiful

A definitely original idea where to get a tattoo are the fingers, because they allow visibility and lend themselves very well to small tattoos. If we place it on the ring finger, traditionally a place connected to the heart and emotions, where the wedding ring is put, the effect is assured. Small wrist tattoos are also very popular, both inside and outside, where small written or stylized drawings are preferable. Another particular place is definitely behind the ear: if you have long hair you will certainly see little, being discreet and elegant and particularly suitable for small female tattoos. The tattoo on the ankle is very fashionable, especially among young and very young girls: you can show off with elegance with open shoes or summer sandals.

What to tattoo

As for the subjects, the heart is very popular, especially among the small women tattoos; even if just because of its popularity it seems difficult to make it original and unique. Then we remember: the crescent moon; the anchor, always in fashion and a great classic; small lettering tattoos; a lock or key with a meaning of eternal and faithful love; or have become very fashionable in recent years, mathematical symbols such as infinity or physics formulas or in programming code.

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